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A Japanese Kominka Style

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We sell everything from the whole old folk house to the dismantling, relocation and rebirth, and one old wood.
The selling price of old houses is 2.5 million yen to 30 million yen including disassembly cost.
Prices vary with the quality of the structural material used and the size of the building.
If you want to do something old-fashioned within a single house, or if you have a desire to restore a whole wonderful cultural property-like house, we will introduce you to a budget and a building that suits your needs.
Also, if you want to renovate a Japanese old-fashioned house(kominka) with your own project using old wood, you can choose from a stock of nearly 1000 old woods.
The price of old wood is from 3000 yen range each, which is a great deal when compared with other companies.
All of our old materials are produced by our own dismantling, so we can offer them more affordable than others. I am confident in the price.
The important thing in reviving old houses is also meeting good materials and good architects.
We work with great architects and professionals so we can build with confidence anywhere in the country.
If you have a further questions,  please contact us.

Kominka Style Renovation

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The woods


Japanese ancient house (Kominka)

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A Bit About Us

Welcome to Kominka Maruyama

We are a company that provides villas and homes like rural living in Japan( Kominka living style ) , and also remodeling buildings by using Japanese ancient woods.

In my opinion, I think that there are few beams and pillars that use Japanese Keyaki wood overseas and it is very rare. The culture of oak trees in the United States is also great, but Japan's bold, curved, well-groomed beams, spectacular pillars, and mosques are unique Japanese architectural techniques.

Just as Japanese shrines and temples are wonderful, Japanese ancient houses are not overlooked. They are very strong and beautiful as it durable for hundreds of years.

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Kominka Projects


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Niigata, Japan

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